“Tredici’s debut album, Amore per Tutti, finds guest vocalists navigating Hanes’s marvelously arranged kitsch-pop fantasias.”Rolling Stone

“Hanes pilots the 14-piece Tredici Bacci through narrow stylistic straits, his enthusiasm burns through in the band’s exuberance.” – Pitchfork 

“Tredici Bacci songs are familiar and that’s totally the point. It’s that sensation of feeling like you’ve been listening to a song for your whole life. It’s such over the top nostalgia that it’s totally genius, whether that nostalgia is actually part of your memory or something you’ve longed to experience. It becomes the soundtrack to a moment.” – Noisey

Amore per Tutti, includes sultry ballads with feathery harmonies, up-tempo tunes with aggressive bass lines, and a snarled guest vocal, delivered by the downtown scum-rock legend JG Thirlwell, on the record’s most addictive cut, “Give Him the Gun.”The New Yorker

Current Members:
Sami Stevens – Voice
Jesse Heasly – Bass
Pete Moffett – Drums
Evan Allen – Keys
Will Greene – Tenor Sax
Tree Palmedo – Trumpet
Lucy Hollier – Trombone
Kevin Newton – French Horn
John McCowen – Contrabass Clarinet
Daniel Pencer – Clarinet
Leia Slosberg – Flute(s)
Dylan Mckinstry – Mandolin
Borey Shin – Accordion
Abby Swidler – Violin
Ludovica Burtone – Violin
Abigale Reisman – Violin
Ruby Wang – Violin
Joanna Mattrey – Viola
Daniel Parker – Violincello
Aaron Edgcomb – Percussion


New York-based large ensemble Tredici Bacci was formed by composer Simon Hanes in spring of 2013 as a vehicle to bring his unique musical vision to the stage, and to seduce the ears and minds of audiences around the country. The instrumentation of vocals, string quartet, horns, accordion and rhythm section is specifically designed to capture the musical qualities of Hanes’ initial inspiration – the music of Italian films from the 1960s-70s. From giallo to spaghetti-western, Morricone to Rota to Cipriani, Hanes has made it his duty to absorb it all, and allow it to inform his original, very personal compositions.

Since its impetus, Tredici Bacci has performed in bars, galleries, warehouses, and concert halls, leaving a trail of Campari bottles, confetti, and whipped cream in their wake. Each performance is a celebration – the audience revels as the band deftly performs technically demanding and cinematic music. Collaborations along the way include such musicians as Elysian Fields, Ryan Power, Ruth Garbus, JG Thirlwell, Charlie Looker, Vincenzo Vasi, and underground legend Gary Wilson.