Other Projects!



Trigger is a three piece thrash metal/improv band that started in late 2014. Myself and the other two members were actually assigned to play together, never having met before, in a concert tribute to the composer/improvisor John Zorn. Zorn liked our energy and asked us to perform some pieces from his "bagatelles" collection, which we've toured extensively throughout the US and Europe. We regularly tour performing our own original music as well.


Meier - Hanes - Amberg

I met Swiss percussionist David Meier when he was visiting NY, he did me the honor of asking if I'd record with him and another Swiss freak who was in town, saxophonist Elio Amberg. We barely spoke before heading into the studio, which might have been a good thing because we had a great time and ended up with a record which I think sounds damn good! Our first tour, spring 2020 in Switzerland and Portugal, was a blast and we have another album on the way.

Hanes/Coleman/Chase Trio (with Anthony Coleman/Brian Chase)