Tredici Bacci

Tredici Bacci is a band I started in 2013 with my compatriots from music school. Initially it had 13 members, now it generally fluctuates between 10 and 20. We've made 4 albums, scored 2 films, and traveled extensively throughout the northeast. The band is my main vehicle of expression and I love performing with and working alongside the incredible members of the band.

Current Members:
Sami Stevens - Voice
Jesse Heasly - Bass
Pete Moffett - Drums
Evan Allen - Keys
Will Greene - Tenor Sax
Tree Palmedo - Trumpet
Lucy Hollier - Trombone
Kevin Newton - French Horn
John McCowen - Contrabass Clarinet
Daniel Pencer - Clarinet
Leia Slosberg - Flute(s)
Dylan Mckinstry - Mandolin
Borey Shin - Accordion
Abby Swidler - Violin
Ludovica Burtone - Violin
Abigale Reisman - Violin
Ruby Wang - Violin
Joanna Mattrey - Viola
Daniel Parker - Violincello
Aaron Edgcomb - Percussion